Critical Information About Bail Bonds To Be Understood By Individuals


Every time a person has been accused of having committed a crime, he will be arrested which will lead to him spending some time in jail. To the people who may have experienced this, they should agree with me that this is an experience that is unfamiliar and that which is frightening. You need to know that you cannot be regarded as being guilty until proven. For this reason, an individual will be innocent, and the judge has the authority to release you until the hearing time. There should, however, be noted that one needs to offer a kind of guarantee that will assure the judge that you will return for the charges. The guarantee is usually known as the bail bond and is usually presented to the court in cash, property, secured bond or even a signature bond form. The most suitable time when the setting of the bail bonds is done is during a bail hearing. This is the time that there is the meeting of the judge and the defendant where the information about the setting of the bail is heard. It should be noted that upon setting bail bonds van nuys, the judge will first check on the financial resources as well as the sources of funds that the defendant will use as the collateral.

In case you have a friend or a family member who is posting the bail on your behalf, it is important to know that the financial status will be considered by the judge. The situation in which an individual has someone who is setting a bail bond on his behalf is known as the surety. It will be a requirement for a surety to present the bail hearing with the defendant. The judge needs to inform them of the obligations as well as the responsibilities that are involved. The surety is required to be confident with the defendant before having a bail posted, view here for more info.

The reason is that of the failure of fulling the responsibilities or violation of the conditions may lead to revoking and the forfeiting of the bail. It is of a need to let individuals know that they are required to be aware of the bail options that are available. You need to know that you are required to keep the receipt so that you can be refunded the moment the bail is met. Individuals need to be aware of this as it is important information to understand the bail bonds. You may also read further at


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